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"100% Poly Crepe Machine Wash Material, made of quality featherlight but flowy sheer and soft, keep you cool on hot days. Design The Crepe Jumper Kaftan is loose-fit club sleeve and Close-frontal style you sheer fabric matched well with bikini, swimwear, beachwear or any summer outfits to make you more sexy and flowy. Occasions These cover-ups are perfect for sand, poor, typically wear and motherliness wear, thin fabric suit for spring, summer and fall, a nice gift for family and musketeers. Tips Machine marshland deep freeze, cool iron if needed. Quick to dry and will not shrink, easy to wash. Make a Statement from any angle by Wearing this kaftan the fabric of this kaftan Ensures At Most Comfort It Is Lightweight And Can Be easily Carried Out Skin-Friendly and easy to wash This Kaftan Will Get You Noticed For All The Right Reasons Beat the Heat With This Elegant Printed Designer Kaftan Enrich Your Look With the Premium Range of the Summer Kaftan this Kaftan Is Great Gift For Your lover, sister, mom, colleagues, female friends, family member as a birthday on holiday gift


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